Femi Alade is a Senior Construction Engineer who has been with ABNA for a total of 16 years! He has a passion for building and working outside the office on bridge and construction projects. From Femi:

I enjoy working with contractors and getting things done in the field, as well as being able to see a design come to life in reality.

What I enjoy most about working with ABNA is that the family atmosphere that exists in our offices carries over with our clients on our projects, and that I am able to communicate my ideas and opinions on projects.

Because of this, I am very involved in discussing projects with our clients, partners and stakeholders. When I work with them, they want us back for more projects which gives me great pride. People want to work with professionals who are friendly and smart, but who are truly passionate about the work they do and I am glad to be that person to people outside and inside ABNA.

What I enjoy most about ABNA are the people here, when you love who you work for and work around, it makes you stay for a very long time.

Outside of ABNA, Femi’s greatest pastime is traveling the world with his family, looking for adventure. They typically travel 2 – 3 times a year. His favorite place in the world is Prague, where he studied his undergrad. Femi is also passionate about sports especially soccer, football and basketball.

Pictured above, is Femi Alade at the UPRR construction site in Illinois. The purpose of this project is to widen IL Route 132 at US 41 and replace the existing UPRR Bridge.

ABNA is a sub on this project, managing the construction engineering services for this project. Femi is the ABNA Senior Construction Field Engineer on the project. Along with the other construction engineers, he is coordinating with the team in the field and the team in the office.