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Celebrating 25 Years of ABNA

It's hard to believe 25 years can go so fast. From those early days, when the entire company consisted of ABNA's founders, Abe and Nicole Adewale, to now employing a diverse, multi-disciplined, expert team of engineers, surveyors, and professionals. Our gratitude is boundless. At ABNA, we espouse the key values of Trust, Family, Leadership, [...]

Celebrating 25 Years of ABNA2019-07-23T09:26:07-05:00

ABNA Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary, Chicago-Style!

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, ABNA of Illinois hosted an event to celebrate 25 years! Abe and Nicole Adewale founded ABNA following their careers at IDOT. The firm has come along from those early days with just a handful of employees. Now, ABNA boasts offices in multiple cities and a number of impactful projects [...]

ABNA Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary, Chicago-Style!2019-07-03T16:09:16-05:00

CTA Hosts Red Line Extension Pre-Proposal Event

On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) held a meeting / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) outreach event for the upcoming Red Line Extension Project. Topics including background information, contract goals, and submission dates. ABNA's Principal and Corporate Marketing Manager attended. Outreach events such as this are a golden opportunity for small [...]

CTA Hosts Red Line Extension Pre-Proposal Event2019-06-14T13:36:21-05:00

LaWanda Jones Inducted Into Missouri S&T Civil Engineering Academy

Recently, the Missouri University of Science and Technology inducted LaWanda Jones into its Civil Engineering Academy. As ABNA's Corporate Marketing Manager and an S&T Alumna, Jones has impacted her community in many ways. For S&T, she served as a keynote speaker for Honor, Hurdles and Heroes, chaired the Chancellor Advisory Committee on African American [...]

LaWanda Jones Inducted Into Missouri S&T Civil Engineering Academy2019-05-31T11:37:35-05:00

ABNA Attends MWRD Professional Services Vendor Outreach Fair

On Tuesday April 9th, 2019, ABNA of Illinois attended the MWRD Vendor Fair. This Meet and Greet was a terrific opportunity for contractors and consultants to learn about the District's goals and programs. Through the morning, presenters showcased the District's commitment to the growth of small and diverse businesses in the community. To learn more [...]

ABNA Attends MWRD Professional Services Vendor Outreach Fair2019-04-16T11:47:54-05:00

ABNA Principal Featured In STL Business Journal

The St. Louis Business Journal recently featured Nicole Adewale, ABNA co-founder and principal. In the article, she offers insights into her "Day in the Life" as an entrepreneur, community activist, student, mother, and avid video gamer. This recognizes the qualities that she daily brings to ABNA: warmth, compassionate leadership, and an inspiring work ethic. While [...]

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ABNA Welcomes David Diestelkamp!

ABNA Engineering, Inc., is very pleased to announce that David Diestelkamp will bring his more than 40 years of civil engineering experiences to his new position as Operations Manager.  David spent 38 years at Jacobs Engineering where he advanced as Operations and Office Manager. In his illustrious career, David has also served as Chairman [...]

ABNA Welcomes David Diestelkamp!2019-02-07T16:31:30-05:00